Friday, November 20, 2009

SPANISH HISTORY-The Second Republic

1931: After the municipal elections, the Republic is proclaimed. The revolutionary committee becomes the provisional Government. Niceto Alcala Zamora is named president. The Constituent Cortes draft a new Constitution.

1933: The centre-right parties obtain a majority in the Cartes.

1934: Revolutions take place in Catalonia and Asturias in protest against the participation of the CEDA (Spanish Confederation of the Autonomous Right-Wing) in the government.

1936: The Popular Front, a left-wing coalition, wins the elections. The new Cortes depose Alcala Zamora and appoint Manuel Azana President of the Republic.

Azana's first government declared a general amnesty and the resumption of the Agrarian Reform and Statutes for Catalunya, the Basque provinces and, eventually, for Galicia. Azana was elected the President of the Republic in May, and Cesares Quiroga was charged with forming the Government. The conflicts continued and after the assassination of Lieutenant Castillo of the Assault Guard by Fascist gunmen, his comrades-in-arms murderes, in turn, the head of the opposition, Calvo Sotelo, on July 12. Five days later, on July 17, the military garrison in Melilla rose. The Civil War had begun.

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