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WORLD WAR - I - 1916



  • 11. Greek island of Corfu occupied by French.
  • 13. Cettinje, capital of Montenegro, occupied by Austrians.
  • 29-31. German Zeppelins bomb Paris and towns in England.


  • 10. British conscription law goes into effect.
  • 19. Kamerun, German colony in Africa, conquered by British forces.
  • 21. Battle of Verdun begins. Germans take Haumont.
  • 25. Fort Douaumont falls to Germans in Verdun battle.


  • 9. Germany declares war on Portugal on the latter's refusal to give up seized ships.
  • 15. Austria-Hungary at war with Portugal.
  • 24. Sussex, French cross-channel steamer, with many Americans aboard, sunk by submarine off Dieppe. No Americans lost.
  • 31. Melancourt taken by Germans in Verdun Battle.


  • 19. President Wilson publicly warns Germany not to pursue submarine policy.
  • 20. Russian troops landed at Marseilles for service on Frenchfront.
  • 24. Irish rebellion begins in Dublin. Republic declared. Patrick Pearse announced as first President.
  • 29. British force of 9000 men, under Gen. Townshend, besieged in Kut-el-Amara, surrenders to Turks.
  • 30. Irish rebellion ends with unconditional surrender of Pearse and other leaders, who are tried by court-martial and executed.


  • 8. Cymrio, White Star liner, torpedoed off Irish coast.
  • 14. Italian positions penetrated by Austrians.
  • 15. Vimy Ridge gained by British.
  • 26. Bulgarians invade Greece and occupy forts on the Struma.
  • 31. Jutland naval battle; British and German fleets engaged;heavy losses on both sides.


  • 5. Kitchener, British Secretary of War, loses his life when the cruiser Hampshire, on which he was voyaging to Russia, is sunk off the Orkney Islands, Scotland.
  • 6. Germans capture Fort Vaux in Verdun attack.
  • 21. Allies demand Greek demobilization.
  • 27. King Constantine orders demobilization of Greek army.


  • 1. British and French attack north and south of the Somme.
  • 14. British penetrate German second line, using cavalry.
  • 15. Longueval captured by British.
  • 25. Pozieres occupied by British.
  • 30. British and French advance between Delville Wood and the Somme.


  • 3. French recapture Fleury.
  • 27. Roumania declares war on Austria-Hungary.
  • 28. Italy at war with Germany.
  • 28. Germany at war with Roumania.
  • 31. Bulgaria at war with Roumania. Turkey at war with Roumania.


  • 2. Bulgarian forces invade Roumania along the Dobrudja frontier.
  • 13. Italians defeat Austrians on the Carso.
  • 15. British capture Flers, Courcelette, and other Germans positions on Western front, using tanks.
  • 26. Combles and Thiepval captured by British and French.
  • 29. Roumanians begin retreat from Transylvania.


  • 24. Fort Douaumont recaptured by French.


  • 2. Fort Vaux evacuated by Germans.
  • 7. Woodrow Wilson re-elected President of the United States.
  • 13. British advance along the Ancre.
  • 21. Britannic, mammoth British hospital ship, sunk by mine in Aegean Sea.
  • 22. Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary, dies. Succeeded by Charles I.
  • 23. German warships bombard English coast.
  • 28. Roumanian government is transferred to Jassy.


  • 1. Allied troops enter Athens to insist upon surrender of Greek arms and munitions.
  • 6. Bucharest, capital of Roumania, captured by Austro-Germans.
  • 7. David Lloyd George succeeds Asquith as Prime Minister.
  • 15. French complete recapture of ground taken by Germans in Verdun battle.
  • 18. President Wilson makes peace overtures to belligerents.
  • 26. Germany replies to President's note and suggests a peace conference.
  • 30. French government on behalf of Entente Allies replies to President Wilson's note and refuses to discuss peace till Germany agrees to give restitution, reparation and guarantees.

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