Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WORLD WAR - I - 1918



  • 21. Ludendorff launches his series of major offensives, known as the 'Kaiserschlacht' in an effort to gain a decisive victory before the effect of the America entering into the War can be fully realised. Major successes are reported.
  • 23. German offensive redirects towards Amiens and Paris.
  • 28. German Operation 'Mars' repulsed at Arras.


  • 4-5. Australians halt German advance at Villers Bretonneux.
  • 9. German launch 'Georgette' offensive against British at Lys.
  • 23-24. British attempt to blockade Ostend harbour fails.


  • 27. German offensive 'Blucher' launched.
  • 29. German troops advance to the Marne but are stopped by US Divisions.


  • 15-16. Austrian offensive at Asiago defeated by combined British and French force.


  • 15. Ludendorff launches final offensive.


  • 8. Anglo-French counter-attack at Amiens supported by heavy artillery and 400 tanks achieves major successes. Ludendorff describes it as 'the Black Day' for the German army.


  • 12. American offensive at St Mihiel.
  • 23. British 15th Cavalry Brigade attacks Haifa.
  • 26. Allied offensive at Meuse-Argonne.


  • 26. Ludendorff is dismissed.
  • 28. Kiel mutiny by German sailors.


  • 1. Americans breakthrough German defences at Meuse.
  • 3. German Sailors Soviet take control of Kiel.
  • 3. Americans cut vital Lille-Metz rail link.
  • 11. On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, the Armistice is signed effectively halting the War. The final Treaty of Versailles, is signed on June 28, 1919.

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